We are a Tampere-based motorcycle rental company, established in 2017, and specializing in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

You can rent a bike for a day or even for the entire summer, provided you hold a valid motorcycle license and possess the necessary driving skills. Check out our bikes and fees and rent a bike effortlessly with the help of the below form. You can either pick up the bike from our Pirkkala office or have it delivered to your door, at a charge. We also provide rental gift certificates, which can be the perfect gift, for instance for Father’s Day.

We also agree on rentals by phone on 045 881 8668 and by e-mail to vuokraus@tampereenmoottoripyoravuokraamo.fi

Street Glide
1 600 cm3
Ultra Limited
1 700 cm3
Iron 883 Nighster
900 cm3
Fat Bob
1900 cm3
Road Glide Special
1700 cm3
Wide Glide
1700 cm3

Motorcycle rent Rental price list

  • Weekend
    1000 km
    400 €
  • Week
    1 500 km
    700 €

Extrakilometers 0,30 €/km

Submit motorbike booking

Submit your booking using the form below. We will confirm the booking to you as quickly as possible.

Rental condition

  1. The renter must have sufficient motorbike riding experience and the correct driver’s license.
  2. In damage situations, the deductible is €1,000 for each accident. If damage occurs, the renter must immediately pay the rental company the deductible in full. In road accident cases, in which the other party is at fault, the deductible does not need to be paid. The renter is freed from liability if the rental company receives full compensation for the damage on the basis of the other party’s motor insurance or from the party that caused the damage. The renter must immediately fill in a claim notification if damage occurs. If the renter fails to fill in a claim notification, he or she is responsible for compensating the rental company for costs arising from this failure.
  3. Fuel is not included in the rental price. The bike is rented out with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. If a bike is returned with a less than full tank, we will charge you for the fuel and levy a fueling charge of €30.
  4. The renter must handle the bike and its equipment with care. Using the vehicle for illegal purposes, altering the structures of the bike, and taking part in competitions are forbidden.
  5. Riding equipment must be stored appropriately and equipment cannot be left on top of the bike unsupervised, as they may be stolen. Equipment must be treated with care, and greatattention must be paid, in particular, to preventing the helmet from falling on the ground.
  6. If a trailer accident occurs, the renter must always contact the police immediately. The renter must fill in a trailer accident claim form and immediately inform the rental company of the matter.
  7. The renter is obligated to compensate the full value of the motorbike, and motorbike and rider equipment if they are broken, lost, damaged or if their value reduces in other ways outside normal wear and tear. The renter is obligated to compensate damages that occur to the motorbike as per the deductible for each damage case separately, unless the other party to an accident compensates them. If the damage is intentional, due to gross negligence, intoxication, etc., the renter shall undertake to compensate the full amount of the damages caused regardless of the deductible amount.
  8. The renter is responsible for personal injuries and damage to property to the extent that legally mandated insurance does not cover them.
  9. The rented property must be returned in full as agreed. If the return is delayed without contact being made and the later return being agreed upon, the rental company has the right to full compensation of the costs incurred, as well as to charge for a newly begun rental day, with a surcharge of 50%, for each newly begun rental day. If the property is not returned as agreed and no contact is made with the rental company, the police shall be informed of the matter.
  10. Handing over motorbikes to another person is forbidden. The bike may only be driven by the person to whom it is rented.
  11. The rental price is paid upfront in cash when picking up the bike, or in advance (you will receive an invoice by mail or in convenient email form). Extra kilometers and other additional charges are paid when returning the bike in cash.
  12.  Bringing bikes across Finnish borders is forbidden without the rental company’s written permission.
  13. The renter is responsible for fines and parking fines incurred by the bike during the rental period. The rental company shall surrender the renter’s personal data to the authorities if necessary.
  14. Even if the renter returns the bike before the end of the rental period, he or she is not entitled to receive a refund for the unused rental time. The rental company is not liable to the renter if the bike rental is canceled or interrupted by e.g. a traffic accident or other reason.
  15. The renter is obligated to perform the normal checks on the bike during the rental period, such as oil, coolant, tire pressure, etc. Washing the bike lightly during the rental time is allowed, provided only running water and mild soap are used. The bike may not be scrubbed in any way during washing or drying. The helmet visor may only be washed with water and dried with a soft cloth/paper.
  16. Before handing over the bike, its condition and tire tread depth are checked with the renter. If, at the end of the rental period, the bike is found to have broken parts or wear and tear beyond the normal extent, the renter is obliged to compensate them. The renter is responsible for costs arising from burst tires.
  17. The renter’s credit details shall be checked.